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Kingdom of Gnester [iOS] – Giant Plant / Gnester

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Media: video game: “Kingdom of Gnester”
Developer: Another Castle Studios inc.


‘Kingdom of Gnester’ is a cross between a puzzle game and a side-scrolling platform game where the player us required to match tiles – much in the style of ‘Bejeweled’ and other ‘match three’ games – to gain magic power which, when activated, allows Gnester to use various abilities.

The scene in question occurs in stage 17 – the second level of the woods. At the very beginning, Gnester is faced with a giant flytrap-like plant. To defeat the giant plant, the player must use either the shield or shot magic. If not, the plant will grab Gnester with its jaws and quickly drain his life. In order to escape, the player must make use of the ‘accelerometer’ and shake the iDevice, in which case it will spit him out.

In some video games there may be a special animation when a character loses a life from being devoured. Unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Whenever Gnester’s health is reduced to zero, the ‘capacube’ – the relic we’re told is responsible for the sorcery – breaks, with a message informing us of the fact.

Image Gallery:


Gnester is eaten by a giant plant:

Last Updated: 2018 May 28.


Written by Esuriit

2010 August 2 at 18:30

2 Responses

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  1. Interesting, always loved plants. Tell me, after it drains all of the character’s life, what happens? does it swallow him? Or do just big letters spelling game over pop up?


    2010 August 3 at 14:42

    • The screen fades to black except for the plant, with a message box saying “The capacube broke” as with anything else that will reduce health to zero. The capacube being the device that allows the magic.

      Dragan Komodo

      2010 August 3 at 16:07

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