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Secret of Evermore [SNES] – Carniflower, Flowering Death / Boy, Dog

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Media: video game: “Secret of Evermore”
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: SNES


Early in the game, one of the first enemies a flower enemy with purple petals known as a ‘Wimpy Vine’. It can attack by shooting vines at you, though has no potential of making a meal out of the player. However, shortly after the boss battle against ‘Thraxx’, the area north of ‘Prehistoria’ village becomes accessible and is home to a souped-up version of the Wimpy Vines, known as the ‘Carniflower’. They sport shiny pink petals and unlike their weaker counterparts, are able to grab the player or the dog with their vines, encasing them in their bulb-like bodies as while they can been seen struggling from the inside.

At the end of the game at ‘Omnitopia’, at area 3-B, there lives another variant of these flowering enemies with dark grey petals known apparently as ‘Flowering Death’. Unlike the Wimpy Vines or Carniflowers, the Flowering Death is not a conventional enemy. The greenhouse houses many of them, though only a select few will react to the player (and only if the lights of the greenhouse are switched on). It cannot be struck by any weapon or damaged by any spell. If approached, one will engulf the player resulting in an instant game over (and not spit the player out), though if the dog is the one attacked, he will simply be spit out with 0 HP.

It should be noted that the dog’s appearance changes depending on the setting. In Prehistoria, he takes on the appearance of a shagged wolf, whereas in Omnitopia, he becomes a metallic dog.

Image Gallery:


Swallowed by the Carniflower:

Eaten by a Flowering Death:

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2010 August 5 at 15:00

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