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Zombies Ate My Neighbours [Genesis, SNES, Wii] – Snakeoid / Zeke, Julie

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Media: video game: “Zombies Ate My Neighbours”
Developer: LucasArts
Platform: Genesis, SNES, Wii VC


Level 20 is known as ‘Invasion of the Snakeoids’, which first features the giant underground worm-like enemies. Initially, they appear only as moving soil when seen from above and will not attack if the player does not move, but will suddenly erupt out of the ground if the player steps in the ‘wrong’ spot in relation to them. They attack by licking and swinging around their long pink tongues covered in green saliva though will not grab or engulf a player.

If one wishes to reach level 20 in a hurry, they can input the password FKYQ to begin at level 17.

Image Gallery:


Slurped by a Snakeoid:

Last Updated: 2018 May 28.

Written by Esuriit

2010 August 7 at 00:00

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