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Dragonheart [1996] – Draco / Bowen

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Media: film: “Dragonheart”
Director: Rob Cohen
Release: 1996


Approximately 31 minutes into the film, we see Bowen and Draco duel. Draco manages to knock Bowen off balance and scoops him into his mouth, who impales his blade into the roof of the dragon’s throat. They remain in such a position for a number of hours before they begin to negotiate. Draco proposes a truce and angrily knocks Bowen out of his mouth after his initial refusal.

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Written by Esuriit

2010 August 9 at 00:00

4 Responses

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  1. Cool. Ya’know its amazing how realistic Draco is


    2010 November 11 at 02:11

    • Yeah, even considering how long ago the movie was made.


      2010 November 11 at 02:35

  2. This had to be my earliest Vore moment, one of my first encounters with a dragon, one of my first positive influences that evolved to my everlasting love of dragons, and… Aw I could go on but that scene is amazing (And funny, how they both sit there for hours until they’re forced to negotiate) and the film itself is great (A bit sad at the end, but great. Who knows, perhaps Draco will have had a positive influence on humanity as a whole and in the aftermath of the film humans and dragons will… Be a little closer? Not as inside their stomachs closer (usually) but as in being friends, or even working together.


    2012 February 17 at 02:41

    • I think for me as well.


      2012 February 17 at 18:55

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