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Baby T-Rex [SNES] – Snake / Rex

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Media: video game: “Baby T-Rex”
Developer: Beam Software
Platform: SNES


Baby T-Rex has only a single stage that cannot be finished. Throughout the level there are small snakes that crawl along the ground. Given the chance, they will leap into the air in an attempt to devour Rex whole. If successful, Rex can be seen inside the body of the snake, struggling, and if the player does not press any buttons, the snake will happily crawl away with a rapidly shrinking bulge in its body. However, if the player chooses to mash buttons and use the fire breath, Rex will break free, killing the snake.

Image Gallery:


Snake swallows Rex:

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  • Baby T-Rex is the development version of Radical Rex.


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Last Updated: 2013 May 11.


Written by Dragan Komodo

2010 August 11 at 00:00

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