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Suikoden – Creeper / Various Prey

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Media: video game: “Suikoden”
Developer: Konami
Platform: PS1


A few hours into the game, after the second major battle at Garan, you can encounter pitcher plant-like enemies known as Creeper in the overworld map outside the towns Antei, Teien, Rikon, etc. as well as inside Scarletica. One of their attacks is to draw a character into their bodies, squeeze them a number of times before expelling them. Due to the diversity of potential victims, it is difficult to be thorough as to who can fall prey, however they may include humans, elves and kobolds (portrayed as dog-men).

Image Gallery:


Creepers inhale Lepant, Fu Su Lu and Kuromimi:

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Last Updated: 2012 Feb 15.


Written by Dragan Komodo

2010 August 16 at 00:00

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