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Suikoden II [PS1] – Bonaparte / Various

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Media: video game: “Suikoden II”
Developer: Konami
Platform: PS1


Early in the game, after you are granted permission to recruit party members, there is a woman garbed in blue named Millie in Ryube village. She is looking for her lost pet named Bonaparte and will join you if you agree to help her. Upon taking the right path of the forest north of Ryube, you will enounter Bonaparte, a small six-eyed creature apparently dubbed a groundhog (though does not resemble its real-world counterpart).

When Millie approaches Bonaparte, it will engage in battle. Bonaparte is an easy enemy with only one attack: it dives into the ground, re-emerges in a larger form and inhales one of your party members, chewing them a few times before spitting them out. It is possible to delay recruiting Millie indefinitely it seems, should one desire a particular character to be on the receiving end of such an attack.

Once Bonaparte is defeated, Millie is reunited with her hungry pet and regains her Groundhog Rune, an ability in which Bonaparte will use its vacuum ability to chomp on would-be enemies for double damage, though only once per battle.

Once the character Richmond is recruited, he can investigate the other party members. If Millie is investigated repeatedly, he returns with this comment:

“Y…you won’t believe this…  I saw Millie actually go ‘inside’ Bonaparte and take a nap in there!”

Image Gallery:


Bonaparte chews on Gengen, Shiro and Bolgan:

Bonaparte chews on a Minos:

Bonaparte chews on a Shadow:

Last Updated: 2018 May 28.


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