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Secret of Mana [SNES, Wii] – Biting Lizard / Player

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Media: video game: “Secret of Mana”
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: SNES, Wii


Fairly early in the game, after fighting the Spikey Tiger boss, Luka will ask you to investigate the waterfalls immediately east of the Water Palace. Inside, there will be a small pink egg patterned with a love heart that births a pink tadpole dubbed Tonpole in the English version. It is incapable of any special attacks and is only able to cause damage by jumping around.

Once damaged a sufficient amount, the music will change to boss battle music and the Tonpole will mature into a Biting Lizard, a blue lizard capable of an unnamed tongue attack that will grab any of your party members standing above, below or to the side of it. As a result it will invariably swallow that party member. If struck, the Biting Lizard will spit out that player, but if left alone it will do so regardless.

Around the midpoint of the game in the Frost Palace, you will fight three Tonpoles in a boss battle simultaneously, all of which can mature. However, if you bought all the armour in the previous town, the Biting Lizards’ swallow attack cannot cause any damage.

Near the end of the game after gaining Dryad’s magic, there is a boss battle with a green variant of the Biting Lizard known as a Snap Dragon. It is not associated with a tadpole stage so will mature immediately after hatching. Its swallow attack is much more powerful, causing considerable damage even with the latest armor.

Image Gallery:


Biting Lizard swallows and spits out all characters:

Snap Dragon swallows and spits out all characters:

Last Updated: 2018 May 28.

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