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Justice League; 2×27 ‘Twilight (of the Gods)’ – Dinosaur Monster / Batman

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Media: TV series: “Justice League”
Episode: 2×27: ‘Twilight (of the Gods)’ Part 1


At approximately 12 minutes into the episode, we see Batman and Wonder Woman appearing via boom tube and are in search of a person named Orion. They are interrupted by tremors caused by a large dinosaur-like creature that erupts from the earth and wastes no time scooping Batman into its mouth. As Wonder Woman tries to pry the jaws open, we see Batman wrestling with a humongous tongue. He manages to escape with an explosive device and is seen laying on the ground, covered with the monster’s saliva. Wonder Woman attempts to ensnare the beast with her lariat but is instead knocked out. Before the monster has a chance to scoop her up, a stranger fires a buzz-bomb into its mouth and helps Batman and Wonder Woman escape.

Image Gallery:


Batman inside the mouth of the dinosaur monster:

Last Updated: 2018 May 29.


Written by Esuriit

2010 September 17 at 00:00

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