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Chrono Cross – Quadffid / Monster

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Media: video game: “Chrono Cross”
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PS1


Early in the game, if you opted to help look for Nikki, you will be tasked to remove a Quadffid out of your path in the Shadow Forest of Another World, by feeding it another monster, thereby waking it up. This can be done after acquiring the Aroma Pouch and interacting with the round, spiky plants, such that a coloured ball of pollen follows your characters. Various vague, blob-like monsters are seen throughout the forest, and are attracted to pollen with their corresponding colour. Though any of the monsters will achieve your goal, feeding the Quadffid the blue or green monsters leaves it available to fight, while the red monster instead makes the Quadffid shrink and slink away, begging your forgiveness and awarding you a window frame.

Image Gallery:


Quadffid is fed a red monster:

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2011 January 31 at 00:00

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