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Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [SNES, Wii] – Acro / Kirby

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Media: video game: “Kirby’s Dream Land 3″
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Platform: SNES, Wii


Once the game is beaten, including defeating the final boss after collecting all the star-heart pieces, a new mode labelled simply as “B” will unlock in the options menu of that save file. B mode pits Kirby against all the game’s bosses with only a single life allowance. The second boss of the game is the orca known as “Acro” (Get it? ‘Orca’ backwards!). Even though it looks like he could, he is unable to devour Kirby in either the main game or the B mode, but if you lose to Acro in B mode, you are treated to a still image of Acro holding Kirby between his jaws. Enjoy it, because it takes a while to beat the game to completion!

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Last updated: 2018 May 29.

Written by Esuriit

2011 March 7 at 00:00

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