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Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×17 ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’ – Haxx / Bullzeye

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Media: TV series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×17: ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’

In this episode, the raptors are planning to destroy the world’s forests with the use of some form of herbicide, but the Extreme Dinosaurs have caught wind of this operation and attempt to thwart their plans. During their fight, Haxx, one of the raptors, douses each of the Extreme Dinosaurs in some of the chemicals which in turn is struck by a freak lightning bolt, effectively turning it into shrink gas and miniaturising T-Bone, Spike, Stegz and Bullzeye, unbeknownst to the raptors who simply shrug off their enemies’ mysterious ‘disappearance’. Simplistic, but I’ve seen worse storylines.

Bullzeye, now the size of a fly, tries to mess with the raptors by buzzing around their ears and whispering insults to them, confusing them into fighting with one another. When he uses his signature screech ability near Haxx’s ear, he notices the ‘bug’ and furiously chases after it, eventually catching mini-Bullzeye. He states, “Bugs aren’t usually first choice on the menu, but this one I’m really going to enjoy!”, before opening his mouth, closing his eyes and tossing him in with a loud chomp noise.

Bullzeye echoes, “Hey! Whoa, wait a minute! Let me out of he-e-ere!”. As the rest of his friends seem to hesitate, we get a view of Bullzeye inside Haxx’s mouth, who is pacing around the giant tongue, yelling “You try and swallow me you Pleistocene(?) pimple and I’ll give you one Cretaceous belly-ache!” to which Haxx retaliates by… slurping him. Transition to an outside view again and we see Haxx enjoying himself a bit too much, making slurping gestures with loud rubbery-stretchy sounds while Bullzeye, who is clearly not enjoying it calls out for help, just in time for the ad break.

When the show returns, Bullzeye is seen trying to stabilise himself on the rapidly moving, dripping tongue, again yelling. “Let me out of here, you bad breath factory!”

The rest of the Extreme Dinosaurs finally spring into action despite their size and attack at Haxx’s feet, causing him to yelp in pain, releasing the pterodactyl who again demonstrates he really must have the last word. “Ewrgh! What do use for mouthwash, rotten eggs?”

At some point Haxx must have realised their identity before the other raptors based on his comments that they “smell like little dinosaurs”, and at one point addressing them as “Jurassic jerks”. When he tries to pursue them a second time, Bullzeye confronts him again, this time willingly flying into his nose, causing him to sneeze and expel him onto his comrade Spitter.

Just like before, Haxx captures him again, saying “Now I’m gonna eat him!” but confusingly releases his grip and allows him to escape. Fed up with his shenanigans, Badrap, the head raptor orders Spitter to use the freeze ray on Haxx, effectively incapacitating him for the rest of the episode. When the Extreme Dinosaurs disable the defoliant release mechanism, they return to normal size and as usual defeat the raptors, and return home.

Having dinner outdoors, a small insect buzzes around Bullzeye who wants to swat it, but decides against it. Cue the over-used group laugh to end the episode.

Last updated: 2018 May 29.

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