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Johnny Bravo; 1x1B ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’ – Orca / Johnny

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Media: TV series: “Johnny Bravo”
Episode: 1x1B: ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’

In the beginning of the episode, after hitting on a woman during a whale-watching cruise, Johnny falls victim to pepper spray and falls off the ship which quickly sails away. Johnny stares blankly at some fish leaping out of the water around him when a very large orca leaps out the water, swallowing him and the fish. The whole scene takes less than a second before the orca dives back into the water.

After a relatively silent few seconds, the large mammal resurfaces and finds Johnny unpalatable, spitting him up and sending him flying toward an island where he continues with his fruitless pursuit of women for the rest of the episode.

I’ve always found it hilarious that Johnny and his hunger for beautiful women in this episode ends up instead with a crowd of beautiful men.

Last updated: 2018 May 29.

Written by Esuriit

2011 March 21 at 00:00

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