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Yoshi’s Story [N64, Wii] – Big Blurp / Yoshi

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Media: video game: “Yoshi’s Story″
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: N64, Wii


Page 4 stage 2 is called the Jungle Puddle and has two sections. The first section is fairly straight-forward, with trees and platforms above the water and some small enemies. On reaching the second part of the level, the Hint Block offers us this piece of wisdom:

– Big Blurp –
He Lurks in the depths, waiting to have you for lunch.

Very quickly you will see a giant orange fish – Big Blurp – swimming in the water, following Yoshi and staring at him. If you fall in the water, Big Blurp is likely to swim up to Yoshi and gulp him down, complete with a speech bubble indicating how much he liked or didn’t like the taste. Unlike the Piranha Plants of Piranha Grove, being eaten by Big Blurp instantly causes you to lose that Yoshi. Avoiding the waters doesn’t guarantee your safety either. Big Blurp is known to jump up right out of the water to try and devour Yoshi.

Near the end of the area a blue variant of the Big Blurp can be seen. Though this one is not known to leap above the water level, he will instead spit water out at Yoshi to try and knock him into the water, making him easy prey.

See the Big Blurp at 3:44 and the Big Blue Blurp at 5:55 of the following video.

Once the level is finished, the usual storytelling occurs:

The jungle lake was
swimming with hungry
fish called Blurps.

The Blurps could swim
and jump, but, mostly,
they liked to eat and eat.

The Yoshis didn’t want
to become fish bait, so
they quickly swam away.

The page turned, and
the Yoshis grew happier.

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Contribution needed – Please leave a comment on this post if you have:

  • High quality pictures of Yoshi being eaten by the Big Blurp (jumping & in water).
  • High quality pictures of Yoshi being eaten by the Big Blue Blurp & spraying water.

Last updated: 2018 May 30.


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