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God of War [PS2, PS3] – Hydra / Kratos, men

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Media: video game: “God of War”
Developer: SCE Studios Santa Monica
Platform: PS2, PS3


The first boss of the game is the Hydra, and its numerous incarnations. Immediately starting the game, Kratos is in combat in a stormy ship setting. Within minutes of gameplay, the first incarnation of the Hydra reveals itself, smashing through one of the ship’s hallways. It is only capable of biting attacks though not much else.

The Hydra is encountered again after fighting some flying enemies on the deck of the ship. This Hydra is capable of grabbing Kratos, hurling him into the air and catching him within its jaws. If no buttons are pressed, the Hydra bites down with a cloud of red, and spits Kratos out.

The first two Hydra can be seen in the following video at 0:00 and 1:20 respectively.

At the end of the level, three Hydra heads are encountered, who eat a couple of men, including the man holding the key that Kratos needs. So in order to get the key back, Kratos must defeat each of the Hydra heads and venture inside to get it. Once killed, the giant Hydra’s mouth gapes open, and walking in we’re given shots of the Hydra’s fleshy throat and strings of saliva. We also see the man with the key, who is strangely intact and not yet swallowed. Kratos takes the key and instead of saving the man, tosses him down into the monster’s gut.

The full motion videos of the men being eaten by the Hydras can be seen at 5:17 of the following video.

Kratos ventures into the Hydra at 4:17 of the following video.

Last updated: 2018 May 30.

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