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Odin Sphere [PS2] – Belial / Player

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere”
Developer: Vanillaware
Platform: PS2


The boss, Belial is a dragon with a very snake-like appearance and is fought a number of times throughout this game, once by each of the different characters. His signature attack is to inhale the character and swallow them for considerable digestion damage before regurgitating them. If he fails to swallow the character, he will simply regurgitate debris. Belial will spit out the character even if they lose all their HP as a result of the attack.

Otherwise he can do so with a simple snap of his jaws without drawing in air sharply.

Each of the five characters of the game encounter and fight against him once, and preceding characters’ story arcs must be finished before beginning with the next. In order of appearance:

  • Gwendolyn (a Valkyrie) fights him at the end of Chapter 1
  • Cornelius (a Pooka – a stylised anthropomorphic rabbit) fights him at the end of his Epilogue (‘Chapter 7’)
  • Mercedes (a Faerie/Fairy) fights him at the end of Chapter 1
  • Oswald (a human) fights him at the end of Chapter 3
  • Velvet (a human) fights him at the end of Chapter 6

The following is particularly spoiler-heavy.

After Cornelius’ fight against Belial, Urzur – the mage who had been manipulating the dragon using magic is devoured ‘off-screen’ when his spell is broken. Before Belial dies, he seeks revenge by advancing toward Urzur, mouth wide open before the screen flashes bright red.

Last updated: 2018 May 30.

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