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Odin Sphere [PS2] – Leventhan / Player

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere”
Developer: Vanillaware
Platform: PS2

The following is particularly spoiler heavy.

Leventhan is the fifth of the five final bosses of the game. Though only a specific character must fight him to get the good ending, any of them can be selected. Whilst climbing up his staggeringly long body, his head will sometimes approach the player and either shoot a mouth-beam, or engulf the character for heavy continual damage implying that they are being chewed, before letting the character drop out the side of his mouth. Similarly to Belial, even if the character’s HP drops to 0 as a result of the attack, they will still be spit out.

The possible characters to use include:

  • Gwendolyn (a Valkyrie)
  • Cornelius (a Pooka – a stylised anthropomorphic rabbit)
  • Mercedes (a Faerie/Fairy)
  • Oswald (a human)
  • Velvet (a human)

Last updated: 2018 May 30.


3 Responses

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  1. Odin Sphere had some good (IMO) graphics, but I never wanted to try it because of the heavy amount of dragon-killing it seems.

    I found Age of Mythology to be interesting in this sense, in that the Nidhogg is simply injured when you fight him, and between then and the expansion he is tamed and comes to assist the player in defeating a Lesser Titan.

    Me? I don’t really like pure good dragons or pure evil – the more “human” they are, the more appealing to me they are. ‘Course, it’s hard to pull off good looking dragon vore when they’re largely benevolent. (Unless disposing of a particularly evil character that just happens to be bite-sized. Warcraft much?)


    2012 February 17 at 14:03

    • Does anything like that happen in Age of Mythology?

      Dragan Komodo

      2012 February 17 at 18:54

      • Vore only in the Titans expansion (man eating plants!).

        However yes the Nidhogg appears in the Fall of the Trident campaign around mission 36 or so: “Unlikely Heroes” when you enter Niflheim – the Underworld. While you’re protecting the dwarfs gathering wood from the taproot to recreate Thor’s Hammer, you also have to divert some to mine gold for reinforcements. Eventually the Nidhogg will show up and you have to “kill” him. Apparently he is just wounded or such since he makes an appearance in the Titans campaign “Rampage”. A titan goes on an S shaped path and stomps down villages, and if he gets to the last one you lose. However Folstag who was an enemy during the first campaign, comes to your aid (THe actions of the heroes sort of helped him review his hatred of humans. He eventually went to taming Nidhogg) and can freeze the titan in place for a few seconds every 40 ~ 60 seconds I think. Anyway, so the enemy will also send waves of human soldiers past the villages and into your base, and eventually Folstag will mention that the Nidhogg can easily kill the titan and so will summon him. It takes around 15 minutes for the dragon to arrive – which he does so in a dramatic fashion! He does a bit of bonus damage that’s scripted, and he can’t be targeted by the titan. You CAN however kill the titan without waiting for Nidhogg and without cheating, but it’s tough. I’ve only done it once.

        But yeah. Nidhogg appears as an ally in the expansion.

        As for dragon vore? None. I was mentioning wacraft because Alex the red dragon queen tends to let her enemies go if they decide to flee (usually after their leader is dead, or if they fought with honor.) but if you manage to press the right buttons she gets pissed? She doesn’t stomp you or burn you, she swallows you alive and lets you die slowly in her stomach. Typical for dragons, but rare for a red dragon to do so unless you’re an asshole or a very bad person. Umm which reminds me there is an archaic and canceled I might add game with some warcraft dragon vore. No sound, and it’s of two (Orcs?) bringing a cow to this black dragon, he licks his lips and tastes it, then picks it up, swings it into his mouth and swallows it in one gulp. Decent bulge, but not a five star since the picture quality is kinda low.


        2012 February 17 at 19:51

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