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Final Fantasy VII [PS1] – Aps / Cloud, Tifa, Aeris

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Media: video game: “Final Fantasy VII″
Description: Squaresoft
Platform: PS1


The third boss of the game is known as Aps – a bizarre looking, yet strangely endearing monster – and is fought with a pre-set party of Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. He is incapable of eating anyone, but his ability ‘Lick’ is the only reason he gets a mention here, which uses his long droopy forked tongue to inflict very minor damage and the ‘sadness’ status on whichever character is positioned in the middle. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Esuriit

2011 June 27 at 00:00

Spyro the Dragon 2 [PS1, PS3] – Killer Bush / Spyro

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Media: video game: “Spyro 2”
Developer: Insomniac Games
Platform: PS1, PS3


In Fracture Hills, the sixteenth listed stage of the game, there are shrub-like plants with faces. Their facial features aren’t always apparent, making it possible to mistaken them for normal plants. When approached, the Killer Bush with lunge toward Spyro, mouth open wide to engulf him, chew him up (with the traditional squishy sound effects) before spitting him up and continuing on its merry way. Even with Spyro’s health completely depleted, he is still spit back up. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 June 20 at 00:00

First Birthday!

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Today’s the first anniversary for this blog’s creation!

Granted, I write this a few months in advance, but I’m happy this place has begun to grow. When this place was very new I became quite excited when the daily visitors entered the two-digit mark. But in the short year the number of visitors each day has increased to between 50-200.

My desire was that this blog become somewhat of an online catalogue of scenes in mainstream media depicting people and things being slurped and gulped and all manner of things (though I still am against real-life depictions and any other route besides the mouth). I admit things are still in early infancy – I remember scheduling posts almost daily when I started this blog, but things had to slow down to accommodate my full-time schedule, and now it seems to have settled to updating weekly, with posts written weeks or months in advance.

Since its birth, I’ve made a couple of changes. Instead of – say, looking for videos on the web – I’ve shifted so that I endeavour to capture the images and videos myself, and upload them to an unlisted Youtube account dedicated to this blog. Though if this is difficult for some reason (perhaps not owning a copy of the media in question) I’ll resort to looking to another person who may have it.

Space-wise, I’ve been going quite well. I’ve used up about 1% of my storage to images (videos, of course, being handled by Youtube) and the storage can be upgraded with an annual fee. When the time comes I may have to raise the money through commissions (I dabble in digital drawing sometimes) or through donations should anybody be willing.

So far I’ve been writing the posts by myself, with a handful of contributions by other people. It would be nice to recruit other people who are into this sort of thing to write posts for me as well, but I’ve had a paucity of volunteers (volunteers is emphasised considering the lack of wages) and I really would prefer somebody I know fairly well.

I haven’t been asked this yet, though I suspect it might be on somebody’s mind: Why go to the trouble to write anything at all? Why not just list the images and videos and end it already? Well, I suppose I could. It would speed things up considerably, but I find all this textual detail something I like. I like the context, the thoughts and feelings behind it all. And also I’ve wanted to stimulate a bit of discussion (though this hasn’t happened as often as I wanted). That being said, I’ve modified the way of writing my posts lately. Early in the blog I began by introducing the game or movie and putting forth my impressions of the game or movie itself, but I found this was highly unnecessary, and bordering irrelevant. I still do so for obscure titles though, such as for those indie-developers for the iOS platform, for example.

Where to go from here…? Well, there are still a number of things this blog needs to improve in…

1. There needs to be some more graphics to liven the place up. I want a classy banner and a nice logo and custom icons and a cute Komodo mascot with a droopy tongue to greet people at the front page. I guess that’s food for thought for the future.

2. I’ve been focussing more on male-oriented scenes, because thats the way I swing. But I figure that this blog’s not just for me, not to mention I have seen female-oriented scenes which I liked as well. Regardless, I think in future there will inevitably be some more (yes… more than 0) female-oriented scenes but I think this also depends on my motivation and how I feel.

3. I need an actual external video capture device! That would make things so much easier…

4. I want to have some index pages. At the moment, the only way to find certain posts is by searching or browsing by categories – both of which are automatically sorted by date. I want a way to browse, say, alphabetically or by game console, and so forth. The only way I can think of doing this if if I built a page manually and added to it after every post, but that’s as tedious as anything. Need to brainstorm some more…

5. I wish I had more people offering small contributions. At the moment I find new scenes to include in the blog either by serendipity or finding them second-hand by searching online.

6. Perhaps I’m thinking way too far into the future, but I also need to think about naming a co-owner for this blog so that someone can take over it once I’m no longer able to update it. This ‘interest’ isn’t really something of a phase; I’ll be into this stuff for the rest of my life. But I’m going to grow old someday, and I’m going to die. Or perhaps I’ll die before getting the chance to grow old. But I think how wonderful it would be if my blog lived on longer than I did. This silly thing may become my strange legacy.

As the first year comes to a close the health of this place appears promising. How it is now and how I want it to be are still quite different, but I guess that’s the reason I work on it. I hope I can write another progress report when the blog turns two years old.

Written by Esuriit

2011 June 16 at 00:00

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Spyro the Dragon 2 [PS1, PS3] – Lava Lizard / Cavemen

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Media: video game: “Spyro 2”
Developer: Insomniac Games
Platform:  PS1, PS3


In Skelos Badlands, the eleventh listed stage of the game, one of the cavemen will ask you to save their chums from being eaten by Lava Lizards. If a single one gets eaten, you’re treated to a scene where one of the lizards tosses a caveman into the air, swallowing him and then spitting up a bone they tie their hair with.

At the end of the game, once all 16 of the skill points have been achieved, you are treated to an ‘epilogue’ – still images that feature many of the different characters of the game and what supposedly happens to them after the ending. One of them features Moneybags in the jaws of a Lava Lizard. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 June 6 at 00:00