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Final Fantasy VII – Carnivorous Plants

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Media: video game: “Final Fantasy VII″ by Squaresoft (now Square Enix)
Platform:  Playstation, Playstation Network

Ancient Forest is an optional area accessed late in Disc 2 after defeating ‘Ultimate Weapon’ (or perhaps earlier if one breeds a mountain-worthy Chocobo – green, black or gold). It is a series of mini-puzzles involving the use of insects, frogs, pitcher plants and other man-eating plants.

These carnivorous plants either block the way or hold an item and if Cloud and company wanders too close to the centre, it will snap shut, reducing the party’s HP a significant amount – despite it not being a battle screen – before spitting them out. Wandering into a carnivorous plant will never reduce a party member’s HP to 0. In fact, if a character’s HP is already 0, walking into one will raise it to 1HP.

These plants are generally not interested in either insects or frogs, but if Cloud grabs an insect hive and tosses it in, the plant will snap shut, allowing him to pass or access treasures.

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2011 July 11 at 00:00

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