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Caveman Ugh-lympics – Sabre-tooth Tiger

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Media: video game: “Caveman Ugh-lympics” by Dynamix
Platform: Commodore 64

On the game cover we can see a sabre-tooth tiger with one of the cavemen’s feet sticking out of his mouth. This is a reference to one of the games known as Saber Race.

This is a simple race, but rather than finding out who can cross the finish line, the emphasis seems to be to see who can avoid not being the sabre-tooth tiger’s meal. Although both participants can make it to the tree and climb it to avoid being eaten, if the sabre-tooth catches up to either caveman, they will enter a cartoony ‘fight cloud’ and are told that caveman was eaten, though we don’t really see it.

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2011 July 25 at 00:00

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