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Second Birthday!

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This blog is now two years old!

And naturally, I did forget about it completely and didn’t schedule a post for that day. I’m just making it look like I did remember by fudging with the date.

So the second year was a bit slow in terms of number of posts made. Mainly due to other commitments – mainly education.

The only new thing so far is finding a way to capture video and audio off of an iOS device, even if it is a difficult and roundabout way of doing it. But now it’s there and it gives me a ton of new titles to feature. If I ever get around to it.

Where to go from here?

1. I still want to spruce up the place a bit to add some pizzazz.

2. Creating a directory, or at least figure out a way to sort posts in a way other than date.

3. Still looking for somebody I can trust to help me add to this blog.

I’m still on my hiatus until further notice, by the way.


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2012 June 16 at 08:00

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