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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos [Computer] – Kodo Beast / Various

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Media: video game: “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos”
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment


The kodo beast unit – somewhat resembling a large rhinoceros – is first usable in the third chapter of the Orc Campaign, but can be accessed at any time with the use of the Warcraft III World Editor. Kodo beasts are able to swallow an enemy unit whole, though cannot devour heroes, air units or high level enemies. Swallowed enemies are removed from the map, and their portrait is displayed in red with their health bar slowly depleting – signifying digestion damage. Once their health bar is depleted, the kodo beast belches and can once again use their devour ability. If slain before digestion is complete, the trapped unit is freed.

Image Gallery:


Kodo beast eats a grunt:

Last Updated: 2018 May 30.


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  1. I loved using the Kodo beasts, they were such interesting predators. A rhinocerous mixed with a komodo dragon <3

    Their belch after they digest a meal is pretty cool too.
    I always wondered how they could work down another Kodo just as easily as a Peasant though ^^

    And a mystery… What would happen if a Kodo got devoured while it was digesting another kodo?


    2012 December 12 at 01:57

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