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A quick nod

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To my few visitors – just a note to say I haven’t abandoned this project – my life is just currently hectic and I am finding it difficult to set time aside to work on it.

Written by Esuriit

2015 May 15 at 16:16

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  1. Sorry to hear about the hectic schedule D:

    If you’re still taking suggestions for videogame vore in the future though, I’ve still got links to the Dragon’s Dogma hydra (Now with musicless version so you can clearly hear the hydra SWALLOW when the bulges move further down the neck!) and Riptor’s vore attack.
    I’m not all sure what would be required to assist with things, other than pointing out videos/games found D:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3opiE5y0zk for him willingly being eaten by the hydra on his own
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TqVY323p3Q and a shorter one of all four heroes being eaten at once

    Here’s hoping that your schedule clears up somewhat, since being overworked and frustrated is never fun :(
    Best of wishes <3


    2015 May 20 at 19:41

    • Thank you for your post. It makes me feel happy thinking people still pop by now and again, and even take the time out to comment. As always, I’ll investigate when I can. And I’d say you’re already the most helpful visitor I have.

      I like to think that in future things will settle down and become less stressful and that I can allocate that time back into my personal endeavors (this blog included).


      2015 May 24 at 17:35

      • I still check back every now and then, it’s fun to browse stll and I’ve linked people back here quite often ^^
        Aww thanks :> I was talking about this site and some of my favorites on it some time ago, and some folks shared some scenes from games they enjoyed a lot too – one was from D&D Online, last part of the quest takes part inside a giant Purple Worm, no mawshot or anything, but more than made up for with the detailed digestive system. Pulsating muscles, the openings to the next area, the stomach acids… I’d have to go dig up the video again, though it’s at the end of a 22+ minute long recording >< I remember splitting it to just the worm segment, but after moving computers I don't have the file anymore.

        *nods* Hopefully they do soon <3
        THe blog aside, it'd mean more time for many other things as well :D
        I am curious though, do you need to have played the game before you put up an article on it? Dragon's Dogma at least has a hydra encounter early on in the game (the 'Outpost assault' encounter), the interior ones are very late in the game. Without the 'expansion' pack, they're endgame or postgame content! I can't speak for D&DOnline since I've never played, but requiring other people to get to the scene? Eh, I'd pass on that myself ^^

        Not big on MMOs anymore, even if DDO is free to play now from what I hear.


        2015 June 13 at 03:25

        • Don’t think I’ve seen either of those ones before.

          But no, I don’t have to have played it before putting it up, but it might often become the case if I can’t find good pictures or videos, and have to capture them myself.


          2015 June 21 at 10:25

          • I’ll see if I can find the clipping I took of JUST the worm’s stomach segment then, since it took place at the end of a fairly long video and was the only part with guaranteed vore in it. While the game might be free-to-play now, it’s a lot of work just to get to one small segment!

            The hydra videos I’ve seen were often fairly low quality for a long time, some even using a camera pointed at their TV. All had the music and AI Chatter playing too, so it drowned out the minute audio details. Elric’s music-less videos were the first that were not only of high visual and audio quality, but focused strictly on the hydra eating, so there wasn’t any combat getting in the way or anything to drown out the smaller sounds.

            Makes sense though, if the videos/images aren’t good enough, do them yourself xD In this case you probably won’t have to invest in D.Dogma with the links I provided above – there’s a lot more too, but of varying quality, I linked to what I believed were the best ^^ There’s several other creatures that will eat you in that, like this mimic-like “ManEater” as well, but my personal favorite will always be that large hydra


            2015 June 21 at 15:29

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