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Borderlands 2 [Computer, PS3, PS4, XB360, XBONE] – Leviathan / Scarlett, Roscoe, Player

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Media: video game: “Borderlands 2”
Developer: Gearbox Software
Computer, PS3, PS4, XB360, XBONE


The following is spoiler-heavy.

At the end of the DLC, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, heading to the location indicated by the completed compass will cause the Leviathan to appear and swallow the Vault Hunter, shown in first-person-perspective. Once control is returned, a boss fight ensues inside the Leviathan’s belly after encountering Captain Scarlett, complete with digestive juices and in the Leviathan’s gut. Once defeated, Captain Scarlett with teleport out, and the player is regurgitated at the Vault, where the final boss fight ensues.

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Last Updated: 2018 May 30.

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