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Klonoa [Wii] – Nahatomb / Klonoa

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Media: video game: “Klonoa”
Developer: Namco
Platform: Wii


The following is particularly spoiler-heavy.

The last boss of the game is known as Nahatomb and is described to be a ‘nightmare’ entity. Aside from spawning lesser enemies from the spines of his back and a generic slam attack using his limbs, Nahatomb’s first form can open his mouth wide and extend a long, red tongue to try and ensnare Klonoa, who must jump over it several times like a jump rope. Failure to do so successfully results in Nahatomb pulling Klonoa into his gaping maw, swallowing him and then ejecting him out of the spines of his back.

Once defeated, Nahatomb will inhale Klonoa to fight his second form, though his insides do not look biological. His second and third form do not seem able to eat Klonoa.

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Last updated: 2018 Jun 23.

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