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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom [PS4, Switch, XBONE] – Jin (Human, Pig) / Truffle

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Media: video game: “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom”
Developer: Game Atelier
Platform: PS4, Switch, XBONE


Throughout the game, there are truffle power-ups that grant the use of magical abilities. The first is gifted to Jin very early in the game while he is still human, who is reluctant to eat it because of how cute it looks, however he is told they “want to be eaten,” which contradicts their facial expressions as it happens. He promptly shoves it into his mouth.

All subsequent truffles can only be devoured by Jin while he is in pig form, as he is the only one that can unearth them. The differences being that as a pig, Jin will toss them in the air before eating them, and let out a little fart after doing so.

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Last Updated: 2019 Jun 3.

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