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Crazy Kangaroo [Android, iOS] – Hippo, Flytrap / Barney

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Media: video game: “Crazy Kangaroo”
Developer: Gamelion
Platform: Android, iOS


This game no longer appears to be available at the time of writing.


In this mobile game, the player must control Barney, a kangaroo, to run from his pursuers, hopping across bodies of water. Late in the first stage there are hippos that can be used as platforms, but will occasionally open their mouths, during which time they are considered a hazard. Similarly in the second stage, there are giant flytraps that will behave identically to the hippos. If one looks closely, however, falling in their mouths with one life left will not cause Barney to disappear into the mouth, but strangely fly off-screen.

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Last Updated: 2019 Jun 5.

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