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Dream Park [iOS] – Tyrannosaurus Rocks / Park Guests

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Media: video game: “Dream Park”
Developer: Beeline Interactive, Inc.
Platform: iOS


This game no longer appears to be available at the time of writing.


In this mobile game, vendors and rides can be purchased for park guests to enjoy. A prehistoric themed park can have the Tyrannosaurus Rocks ride purchased, in which it is described guests “can take a ride on this friendly T-Rex,” implying it is, in fact, a real dinosaur, not an animatronic one. Guests will line up to be swallowed by the dinosaur one at a time, only to emerge from the back end a short while later, often getting back in line.

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Last Updated: 2019 Jun 5.

Written by Esuriit

2020 January 17 at 00:00

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