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Sdorica [Android, iOS] – Epic Nepenthes / Prickear Monkey, Puggi

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Media: video game: “Sdorica”
Developer: Rayark Inc.
Platform: Android, iOS


Puggi’s character quest has him adventure separately for Pang momentarily, and concludes when he tries to reunite with him, believing him to be in Whistlewood Valley. He follows some tracks, and spots an orange tail and lower body sticking out of the mouth of the giant plant, the Epic Nepenthes. Puggi tries to rescue him, only to find that after the plant had spit out the victim, it was in fact a Striped Prickear Monkey, not Pang. The Epic Nepenthes recovers shortly after and then lunges towards Puggi as the screen fades to black. Puggi wanders around the dark innards, only to rejoice after discovering some spoils inside.

This continues directly to Story Quest 3-7 ‘To Snatch a Seed’ where Tica and Leah encounter Pang, who is searching for Puggi in the same forest. After encountering and defeating the Epic Nepenthes, Puggi emerges with his treasures to rejoin Pang.

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Last Updated: 2019 Nov 6.

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