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Worm Run [Android, iOS] – Worm / Zeke

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Media: video game: “Worm Run”
Developer: Golden Ruby Games
Platform: Android, iOS


In this mobile game, the player controls Zeke, who must outrun the giant worm for as long as possible to avoid being eaten. Should he fail, the worm will catch him in its jaws, chew, swallow and burp, before slithering away. If the player has 75 or more Grubies collected on that run, there will be an option to revive, during which the worm will continue chewing on Zeke indefinitely until a choice is made. Reviving will cause the worm to become stunned and spit Zeke out, allowing that run to continue. An unlockable item known as the Skunk Juice can be purchased with the Grubies, and carrying this when being eaten has the same effect as a revive, though is used immediately.

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Last Updated: 2020 Mar 26.

Written by Esuriit

2020 March 30 at 00:00

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