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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger [Computer, GC, PS2, PS4, Switch, XB, XBONE] – Giant Fish / Ty

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Media: video game: “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger”
Developer: Krome Studios
Platform: Computer, GC, PS2, PS4, Switch, XB, XBONE


In the Ship Rex level of the game, Ty gains the ability to swim. In the waters are giant fish that will try swallow Ty, carrying him inside for a few seconds before spitting him back out. In the recent re-releases of the game, the fish makes a loud crunching noise as it swallows Ty, which does not appear to be present in the original. The camera can occasionally clip inside the fish to show Ty inside.

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Thank you to NMario84 for capturing the footage and allowing it to be featured here!

Last Updated: 
2020 Apr 10.

2 Responses

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  1. So, they have released a patch for the game, and they have “fixed” the cameras, and I am sad about it. You can no longer force the camera to look inside the fish’s belly with TY in it before it spits him out. That was my favorite part honestly, even if it was a bug, unintended side effect, or an error, and they have fixed it. Glad I made the videos before now.

    And you are welcome for the videos. :).


    2020 June 13 at 04:22

    • Oh, that’s weird they would go to the trouble for that.

      But yeah, good that you recorded the footage before it went away. Kinda like when they patched out the belly distending in Vainglory, when Grumpjaw swallows an enemy. Weird to go through the trouble.


      2020 June 22 at 19:22

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