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Vainglory [Android, Computer, iOS] – Grumpjaw / Various

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Media: video game: “Vainglory”
Developer: Super Evil Megacorp
Platform: Android, Computer, iOS


Grumpjaw is a playable hero, and appears to be a vague quadrupedal monster with pronounced tusks/mandible, and is described as having a large appetite. His third ability, known as ‘Stuffed’ allows him to charge at another hero, toss them up into the air, and catch them in his open mouth, swallowing them whole. The swallowed hero is unable to participate in battle for a number of seconds (can be extended if taking certain passive abilities into battle), while gulping sounds are played, and the words “OM NOM NOM” are displayed over Grumpjaw’s body. The swallowed hero can be voluntarily regurgitated by activating the skill again if desired. If Grumpjaw is killed with a hero inside, they will be freed. If a hero is killed as a result of the charge, Grumpjaw appears to not eat them at all. In the past, Grumpjaw would get a large, distended belly after swallowing a hero, however it seems that this was patched out in later versions.

Grumpjaw has three different skins at the time of writing:

  • (Default) Grumpjaw; the default portrait shows Grumpjaw with an open mouth, and a minion inside, looking out (though minions cannot be eaten in the game itself);
  • Lapdog Grumpjaw, that changes his appearance to a dog with large tusks;
  • Carnivore Grumpjaw, that changes his appearance to an alien with four mouth flaps.

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Last Updated: 2020 Apr 13.

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