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Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape [Android, iOS] – Shark / Frog

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Media: video game: “Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape”
Developer: Turbo Chilli
Platform: Android, iOS


In this mobile game, the player controls one of various male or female (or other) frog, frog-like characters or alternate characters (requiring unlock), hopping from platform to platform to collect flies. Upon reaching the forest area, there is a shark riding a Segway that will pursue the frog. Should it catch up, it will reach down, seize the frog in is jaws and devour him/her, shortly after producing a bone from its mouth. Alternatively, should the frog jump directly on top of the shark, it will tilt its head upwards to catch the frog in its mouth as s/he falls in.

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Last Updated: 2020 Jun 3.

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