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Gesundheit! [Android, iOS] – Boss / Pig

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Media: video game: “Gesundheit!”
Developer: Revolutionary Concepts
Platform: Android, iOS

Note: This game appears to no longer be available on Android at the time of writing.


The final level of the game, ‘The Big One,’ pits the pig against the boss (referred to simply as the “boss” in the game’s achievement list) and appears to be a giant trap monster, that had coalesced from five smaller trap monsters. Unlike trap monsters, staying within the boss’s line of sight for too long will prompt it to lick its lips, flick out its long tongue to grab the pig, to pull him into its mouth, before chewing and swallowing. Although two red monsters are also present in this level, there does not seem to be any way to trigger the boss to eat them, even if they stand between the boss and the pig as it flicks its tongue out.

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Last Updated: 2020 Jun 3.

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