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Gesundheit! [Android, iOS] – Rabbit Monster / Mosquito, Pig

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Media: video game: “Gesundheit!”
Developer: Revolutionary Concepts
Platform: Android, iOS

Note: This game appears to no longer be available on Android at the time of writing.


The rabbit monster (official name unknown) is first introduced in level 26, ‘Good Earsight,’ and appears as a pink, blob-like creature with long rabbit ears. As they are blind, they will approach if the pig makes noise by either walking or lining up a shot. If they catch the pig, they will chomp down on his head, chew on him and then swallow. Another variant of this monster is an airborne one. In order to dispatch the airborne variant, they must be fed other monsters (mosquito enemies) until they gain so much weight that they are no longer airborne and can be eaten by the trap monsters.

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Last Updated: 2020 Mar 26.

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