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Silent Hill [PS1] – Split Head / Harry

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Media: video game: “Silent Hill”
Developer: Konami

The following is particularly spoiler-heavy.


In Midwich Elementary, the first major area of the game, there is a book in the otherworld library reserve that reads:

Hearing this, the hunter armed with bow and arrow said, “I will kill the lizard.” But upon meeting his opponent, he held back, taunting, “Who’s afraid of a reptile?”

At this, the furious lizard hissed, “I’ll swallow you up in a single bite!” Then the huge creature attacked, jaws opened wide.

This was what the man wanted. Calmly drawing his bow, he shot into the lizard’s gaping mouth. Effortlessly, the arrow flew, piercing the defenseless maw, and the lizard fell down dead.

Upon solving all the puzzles, the basement of the otherworld school has an elevator that takes Harry to the boss, a vague monsterish quadruped. At first, it will only attack with a headbutt, but after being shot a number of times, it will reveal that its mouth opens sideways. As the book mentioned previously, the key to defeating the boss is to shoot it with its mouth open. But, if Harry fails to escape (by either killing it quickly, or walking or running away), the enemy’s jaws will close on him resulting in an instant game over, where the screen fades to black and churning and munching sounds are heard.

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Last Updated: 2018 May 30.

Written by Esuriit

2012 December 14 at 08:00

MysteryMania [iOS] – Plant / F8

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Media: video game: “MysteryMania”
Developer: Electronic Arts


In the Garbage Room, if you tap the hole in the floor, this will cause F8 to jump into it. Moments later, we see a flytrap rise from the pit to burp up F8. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2012 March 2 at 08:00

Parasite Eve II [PS1] – Cocoon / No. 9

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Media: video game: “Parasite Eve II″
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PS1


The following is particularly spoiler heavy.

At the very end of the game, right before the last boss battle, No. 9 can be seen with Eve and seems to want the cocoon to absorb her. Only the cocoon’s ‘mouth’ appendage can be seen, with tentacle-like projections from its opening. Eve is saved, and No. 9 is swallowed instead. The appendage opens up and engulfs him, and is pulled upward off-screen as he struggles and kicks his legs. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 September 19 at 00:00

Final Fantasy VIII [PS1] – Party Members / Various

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Media: video game: “Final Fantasy VIII″
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PS1


There is a command ability in the game known as ‘Devour’ and can be used if a character junctions a Guardian Force with that ability. Under natural circumstances, that would mean junctioning the GF, Eden, which is itself acquired by drawing it from Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Research Center after gaining the airship Ragnarok in Disc 3, or by drawing it from Tiamat in Disc 4. It is also possible to teach another GF the Devour ability by using the ‘Hungry Cookpot’ item, though they are quite rare and hard to obtain.

When used, the character will run up to the selected enemy, at which point a photograph of a peaceful scene (flower, field, ocean) pops up with a text marquee that says “Censored… Please stand by…”. If the attack is successful (chances improving the more the enemy has been damaged) there will be generic rumbling noises during the ‘censor’ screen and the enemy will have disappeared from battle. The character who Devoured the enemy will either gain or lose HP, be afflicted with or heal status effects, or permanently raise a stat (each type of monster has a set effect, though varies with enemy level) with a corresponding comment of how that enemy tasted:

“All systems go!”
Max HP raised by 10, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

“Gained strength”
Strength raised by 1, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

“Feel healthier”
Vitality raised by 1, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

“Clear head!”
Magic raised by 1, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

“Increased morale”
Spirit raised by 1, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

“Light on my feet!”
Speed raised by 1, 100% HP healed, all status effects removed

100% HP healed, all status effects removed

100% HP healed

“Tastes okay…”
50% HP healed

“No good!”
No effect

“Tastes funny…”
Causes status effect Stone

“Can’t see anything”
6.25% HP lost, causes status effect Darkness

“It’s rotten…”
6.25% HP lost, causes status effect Zombie

“Tastes awful!!!”
12.5% HP lost, causes status effect Poison

“Barf… bwahhh!!!”
50% HP lost, causes status effect Poison

“Shouldn’t have… eaten… it…”
75% HP lost, causes status effects Poison, Darkness, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Curse

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Written by Esuriit

2011 September 5 at 00:00

Odin Sphere [PS2] – Gallon / Cornelius

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere”
Developer: Vanillaware
Platform: PS2


The following is particularly spoiler heavy.

Gallon is the second of the five final bosses in Odin Sphere. Any character can be selected to fight him, but if Cornelius is chosen (despite resulting in the bad ending), this will trigger unique dialogue before and after the battle, though Gallon is not seen to devour anyone on-screen.

Before fighting Gallon, Cornelius speaks with him, who mentions – perhaps in too much detail – having devoured King Edmund.

After fighting him, Cornelius is seen kneeling on the ground, resigned, as Gallon describes how he would subject Cornelius to the same fate, though before he lunges at him, the screen fades to black.

Last updated: 2018 May 30.

Written by Esuriit

2011 May 2 at 00:00

Angry Beavers; 3x33A ‘Tough Love’ – Alligator / Daggett, Norbert

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Media: TV series: “Angry Beavers”
Episode: 3x33A: ‘Tough Love’


In this episode of Angry Beavers, Norbert and Daggett are leaving to see a wrestling match starring Dag’s favourite luchador, El Grapadura, when Bing, one of the forest lizards drops by the beavers’ home to announce that he has been dumped by his girlfriend Wanda. Offering his sympathies owing to his own experience of heartbreak, Norb comforts Bing and coerces Dag to find the female lizard.

As Dag wanders around the roads, he sees a pair of eyes sticking out of the water and mistakes what turns out to be an alligator as Wanda. The alligator approaches Dag after his speech, and we see Dag’s perspective as a pair of jaws advance as the screen turns to black.

Dag’s second attempt finds a tiny frog, who at first finds his attempts at serenading irresistable. Realising it was not the alligator, he throws the frog back into the water. He looks around and sees another pair of eyes which appear to belong to the same frog, after which the scene changes to the beavers’ home as we hear Dag’s distant screams accompanied by snarling and loud chomping sounds.

The third attempt has Daggett trying to make the alligator jealous with a hilarious picture of Bing taped onto a picture of another alligator. He becomes spooked at a surfacing log and retreats into a tree where the alligator is waiting. As he crawls backwards into the alligator’s mouth, he touches a puddle of saliva and comments “Ooh, this tree is gooey.” We hear the sound of a rusty gate closing and a chomp as the screen fades to black once again.

In his next attempt we see Daggett covered in bite marks, carrying a heart shaped box of chocolates, bringing them to a sleeping alligator. He pries its jaws open with a jack and deposits the box in some artificial looking innards. (We also hear the comments of an unknown male voice about the wrestling match from inside the alligator as he ventures inside.) As he is ready to leave, Dag tries to remove the jack while still in between the jaws. The screen pans away and again we hear a loud chomp with Dag’s screams.

Cut to the wrestling match, we see El Grapadura who seems to be winning his match. A “partially swallowed beaver”, dripping with drool gains the wrestler’s attention, pleading for his help.

We then see El Grapadura wrestling the alligator into the beavers’ home, unleashing it onto Norbert and Bing. Daggett is sitting outside with sounds of struggle coming from within when the real Wanda reveals herself. Realising he had the wrong reptile, Daggett simply throws Wanda inside the home with the others, where we momentarily see Norbert struggling within the alligator’s jaws. “Work it out!” yells Dag. Read the rest of this entry »

Joe & Mac [NES] – Tyrannosaurus / Joe, Mac

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Media: video game: “Joe & Mac”
Developer: Elite Systems
Platform: NES


Much like the other versions of this game, the last level takes place inside a dinosaur (having defeated it in the previous level). In this version of the game however, we don’t explicitly see this happening. The second-to-last boss is against a red tyrannosaurus, while the last stage simply begins in the setting of a giant creature’s insides. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2010 August 13 at 00:00