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Zig & Sharko; 1x06c ‘Little Shrimp Buddy’ – Zig, Whale / Shrimp

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Media: animated series: “Zig & Sharko”
Producer: Xilam Animation
Episode: 1x06c: “Little Shrimp Buddy”

After being beaten up by Sharko, Zig is thrown on land and a small shrimp emerges from his nostril. Although he tries to eat it at first, the shrimp proves strong, and Zig enlists in his aid to capture Marina. During one such attempt, the shrimp is intercepted by a whale and gets stuck in its baleen and sucked into its mouth. After finding evidence it was Bernie who sabotaged him, the shrimp then escapes the whale’s blowhole.

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Super Bonk [SNES] – Dinosaur / Bonk

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Media: video game: “Super Bonk”
Developer: Red Company


Stage 2 has Bonk going from a prehistoric jungle to a giant living room. In said living room, there is a large champagne glass which Bonk must enter, where he is sucked up through a straw into the mouth of a dinosaur. The rest of the stage has Bonk traveling through the dinosaur’s innards, from intestines, brain and heart until Bonk reaches the boss of the stage. After the boss is defeated, the dinosaur is seen sneezing Bonk into Stage 3. Read the rest of this entry »

Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×17 ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’ – Haxx / Bullzeye

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Media: TV series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×17: ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’

In this episode, the raptors are planning to destroy the world’s forests with the use of some form of herbicide, but the Extreme Dinosaurs have caught wind of this operation and attempt to thwart their plans. During their fight, Haxx, one of the raptors, douses each of the Extreme Dinosaurs in some of the chemicals which in turn is struck by a freak lightning bolt, effectively turning it into shrink gas and miniaturising T-Bone, Spike, Stegz and Bullzeye, unbeknownst to the raptors who simply shrug off their enemies’ mysterious ‘disappearance’. Simplistic, but I’ve seen worse storylines.

Bullzeye, now the size of a fly, tries to mess with the raptors by buzzing around their ears and whispering insults to them, confusing them into fighting with one another. When he uses his signature screech ability near Haxx’s ear, he notices the ‘bug’ and furiously chases after it, eventually catching mini-Bullzeye. He states, “Bugs aren’t usually first choice on the menu, but this one I’m really going to enjoy!”, before opening his mouth, closing his eyes and tossing him in with a loud chomp noise. Read the rest of this entry »