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Odin Sphere – Gallon

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere” by Vanillaware
Platform: Playstation 2

The following is particularly spoiler heavy.

Gallon is the second of the five final bosses in Odin Sphere. Any character can be selected to fight him, but if Cornelius is chosen (despite resulting in the bad ending), this will trigger unique dialogue before and after the battle, though Gallon is not seen to devour anyone on-screen.

Before fighting Gallon, Cornelius speaks with him, who mentions – perhaps in too much detail – having devoured King Edmund.

After fighting him, Cornelius is seen kneeling on the ground, resigned, as Gallon describes how he would subject Cornelius to the same fate, though before he lunges at him, the screen fades to black.

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2011 May 2 at 00:00