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Sdorica [Android, iOS] – Bamuel / Various

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Media: video game: “Sdorica”
Developer: Rayark Inc.
Platform: Android, iOS


Abnormal Arachnid: Bamuel is a boss enemy that can be fought in Chapter 7-1, “Dark Webs and Hidden Paths” of the second story arc (-Mirage-) as Sophie, Rune and Clark, but also appears as a rotating enemy that can appear during the weekly Wonderland Trials, in which played characters are not limited to those in the story mission. Bamuel is a giant spider with a lure on its (or, presumably, her) back that looks like a female human to lure unsuspecting prey. Once Bamuel’s HP is drained enough, she will ensnare a party member with web, pull them into her mouth and swallow them. Her abdomen will bulge, and the swallowed character’s silhouette can be seen inside, before Bamuel spits them back out for heavy damage.

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