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The Jetsons; 1×16 ‘The Little Man’ – Astro / George

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Media: animated series: “The Jetsons”
Episode: 1×16: ‘The Little Man’


George was shrunken down by Mr. Spacely during a work demonstration of a shrinking machine. The machine’s reverse function was not operational, and so he was forced to continue his daily life at six inches tall, until the matter was resolved.

When George retired to bed that night, a snoring Astro inhaled deeply, unwittingly sending him flying into his open mouth. George’s angry protests echoed from within before he pries Astro’s mouth open to escape. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Esuriit

2018 June 15 at 00:00

Johnny Bravo; 1x1B ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’ – Orca / Johnny

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Media: TV series: “Johnny Bravo”
Episode: 1x1B: ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’

In the beginning of the episode, after hitting on a woman during a whale-watching cruise, Johnny falls victim to pepper spray and falls off the ship which quickly sails away. Johnny stares blankly at some fish leaping out of the water around him when a very large orca leaps out the water, swallowing him and the fish. The whole scene takes less than a second before the orca dives back into the water. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 March 21 at 00:00

Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×17 ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’ – Haxx / Bullzeye

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Media: TV series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×17: ‘Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs’

In this episode, the raptors are planning to destroy the world’s forests with the use of some form of herbicide, but the Extreme Dinosaurs have caught wind of this operation and attempt to thwart their plans. During their fight, Haxx, one of the raptors, douses each of the Extreme Dinosaurs in some of the chemicals which in turn is struck by a freak lightning bolt, effectively turning it into shrink gas and miniaturising T-Bone, Spike, Stegz and Bullzeye, unbeknownst to the raptors who simply shrug off their enemies’ mysterious ‘disappearance’. Simplistic, but I’ve seen worse storylines.

Bullzeye, now the size of a fly, tries to mess with the raptors by buzzing around their ears and whispering insults to them, confusing them into fighting with one another. When he uses his signature screech ability near Haxx’s ear, he notices the ‘bug’ and furiously chases after it, eventually catching mini-Bullzeye. He states, “Bugs aren’t usually first choice on the menu, but this one I’m really going to enjoy!”, before opening his mouth, closing his eyes and tossing him in with a loud chomp noise. Read the rest of this entry »

Justice League; 2×27 ‘Twilight (of the Gods)’ – Dinosaur Monster / Batman

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Media: TV series: “Justice League”
Episode: 2×27: ‘Twilight (of the Gods)’ Part 1


At approximately 12 minutes into the episode, we see Batman and Wonder Woman appearing via boom tube and are in search of a person named Orion. They are interrupted by tremors caused by a large dinosaur-like creature that erupts from the earth and wastes no time scooping Batman into its mouth. As Wonder Woman tries to pry the jaws open, we see Batman wrestling with a humongous tongue. He manages to escape with an explosive device and is seen laying on the ground, covered with the monster’s saliva. Wonder Woman attempts to ensnare the beast with her lariat but is instead knocked out. Before the monster has a chance to scoop her up, a stranger fires a buzz-bomb into its mouth and helps Batman and Wonder Woman escape. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2010 September 17 at 00:00

Angry Beavers; 3x33A ‘Tough Love’ – Alligator / Daggett, Norbert

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Media: TV series: “Angry Beavers”
Episode: 3x33A: ‘Tough Love’


In this episode of Angry Beavers, Norbert and Daggett are leaving to see a wrestling match starring Dag’s favourite luchador, El Grapadura, when Bing, one of the forest lizards drops by the beavers’ home to announce that he has been dumped by his girlfriend Wanda. Offering his sympathies owing to his own experience of heartbreak, Norb comforts Bing and coerces Dag to find the female lizard.

As Dag wanders around the roads, he sees a pair of eyes sticking out of the water and mistakes what turns out to be an alligator as Wanda. The alligator approaches Dag after his speech, and we see Dag’s perspective as a pair of jaws advance as the screen turns to black.

Dag’s second attempt finds a tiny frog, who at first finds his attempts at serenading irresistable. Realising it was not the alligator, he throws the frog back into the water. He looks around and sees another pair of eyes which appear to belong to the same frog, after which the scene changes to the beavers’ home as we hear Dag’s distant screams accompanied by snarling and loud chomping sounds.

The third attempt has Daggett trying to make the alligator jealous with a hilarious picture of Bing taped onto a picture of another alligator. He becomes spooked at a surfacing log and retreats into a tree where the alligator is waiting. As he crawls backwards into the alligator’s mouth, he touches a puddle of saliva and comments “Ooh, this tree is gooey.” We hear the sound of a rusty gate closing and a chomp as the screen fades to black once again.

In his next attempt we see Daggett covered in bite marks, carrying a heart shaped box of chocolates, bringing them to a sleeping alligator. He pries its jaws open with a jack and deposits the box in some artificial looking innards. (We also hear the comments of an unknown male voice about the wrestling match from inside the alligator as he ventures inside.) As he is ready to leave, Dag tries to remove the jack while still in between the jaws. The screen pans away and again we hear a loud chomp with Dag’s screams.

Cut to the wrestling match, we see El Grapadura who seems to be winning his match. A “partially swallowed beaver”, dripping with drool gains the wrestler’s attention, pleading for his help.

We then see El Grapadura wrestling the alligator into the beavers’ home, unleashing it onto Norbert and Bing. Daggett is sitting outside with sounds of struggle coming from within when the real Wanda reveals herself. Realising he had the wrong reptile, Daggett simply throws Wanda inside the home with the others, where we momentarily see Norbert struggling within the alligator’s jaws. “Work it out!” yells Dag. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2010 September 10 at 00:00