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Space Ace [3DO, Android, Arcade, CD-i, Computer, DS, iOS, Jaguar, LD, PS3, PS4, SCD, Switch, Wii, XBONE] – Alien Dog / Ace

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Media: video game: “Space Ace”
Developer: Don Bluth Studios
Platform: 3DO, Android, Arcade, CD-i, Computer, DS, iOS, Jaguar, LD, PS3, PS4, SCD, Switch, Wii, XBONE


In the fifth stage, Dexter/Ace is chased in an industrial-like area, pursued by green dog-like aliens. Failing the input prompt at certain points will cause the dog to engulf Ace whole and chew on him, his feet sticking out its mouth.

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Diablo III [Computer, PS3, PS4, XB360, XBONE] – Hound / Player

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Media: video game: “Diablo III”
Developer: Blizzard
Computer, PS3, PS4, XB360, XBONE


In Act V (hence, requiring the expansion Reaper of Souls), there are giant hound demons that will grab a player in its mouth and shake them like a rag doll, before spitting them out. The hound leaders are large enough that this will nearly cause the player’s entire body to be engulfed. Read the rest of this entry »

Work Time Fun [PSP] – Beast / Beast Keeper

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Media: video game: “Work Time Fun”
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Platform: PSP


One of the jobs is known as Run Like Heck, and can be acquired through the silver ($5.00) capsule machine. In this particular job, you are tasked to feed a giant monster a hunk of meat by dropping it near its sleeping place and running away. Delivering the food closer to the beast earns you a higher pay, and failure to escape means being paid $0.00, naturally.  The monster itself is ambiguous in form, is large and hairy with short stumpy legs, and whimpers like a dog if you escape. If it reaches you, it can devour you in two slightly different ways – simply pick you up in its jaws, chew and swallow, or it can flick you up in the air with a long wet tongue and a loud squishy noise before doing the same.

In this game, you may be given titles that describe your in-game achievements. If eaten by the beast 10 times, you will be bestowed the title Mineral-Rich Beast Keeper. Read the rest of this entry »

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2010 September 13 at 00:00