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Zig & Sharko; 1x02c ‘Cold Snap’ – Polar Bear / Zig, Marina

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Media: animated series: “Zig & Sharko”
Producer: Xilam Animation
Episode: 1x02c: “Cold Snap”

The island and its surroundings are frozen in a freak snowstorm, trapping Sharko in the ice. Zig tries to stop a polar bear from eating Marina, wanting her for himself, but is beaten up and chewed into a hockey puck by the bear.

Realizing he is not strong enough to stop him, Zig frees Sharko from the ice to save Marina. At this point, the polar bear already has Marina’s upper body in his mouth, but is startled by Sharko’s nose pressing into his back, thinking it is a gun, and pulls Marina out of his mouth while putting his hands up. Sharko manages to beat the polar bear to rescue Marina.

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Racing Penguin [Android, iOS] – Polar Bear / Penguin

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Media: video game: “Racing Penguin”
Developer: Top Free Games
Platform: Android, iOS


In this mobile game, the player controls a penguin to navigate various slopes within different levels to escape a polar bear. If too slow, a still image is seen of the polar bear with a large stomach, and the penguin’s foot sticking out of the polar bear’s mouth, with black feathers in the air. The basic penguin is assumed to be male, as a blatantly female-looking penguin with blonde hair can be purchased in-game for an exorbitant amount of money.

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