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Spyro the Dragon 2 – Idol

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Media: video game: “Spyro 2” by Insonmiac Games
Platform:  Playstation, Playstation Network

In Idol Springs, the third listed stage of the game (assuming the swimming ability has been purchased from Moneybags for 500 gems in Summer Forest) swimming through an underwater passage at the beginning of the level will lead you to Foreman Bud, who requests your help in three activities. In the second activity, you are tasked with feeding a giant idol a total of 10 fish. Blue and yellow fish add one to the counter, whereas feeding it a red fish will cause it to regurgitate a number of fish it had already eaten. (Chalked up to a sensitive stomach, supposedly.)

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Written by Dragan Komodo

2011 May 23 at 00:00