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Zig & Sharko; 1x18c ‘Super Zig’ – Sharko / Marina; Serpent / Neptune

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Media: animated series: “Zig & Sharko”
Producer: Xilam Animation
Episode: 1x18c: “Super Zig”

Zig creates a superhero persona, and he and Bernie use a number of gadgets to try catch Marina. In his final scheme, Zig uses a glove ray invented by Bernie that splits its target into multiple smaller versions of itself. Upon seeing this, Sharko tries to shield Marina by putting her in his mouth and swimming away. Zig’s stray shots hit many objects for comical effect, including Neptune, who is seen fighting a giant serpent. The serpent splits into a hydra when hit by the beam and all its heads go to bite Neptune. Once Zig’s plan is foiled, Marina forces Bernie to reverse the glove ray’s effects, including on the now-hydra. The hydra, with its multiple heads still biting Neptune, is turned back into a singular serpent, and swims away with Neptune still in its mouth.

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God of War [PS2, PS3] – Hydra / Kratos, men

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Media: video game: “God of War”
Developer: SCE Studios Santa Monica
Platform: PS2, PS3


The first boss of the game is the Hydra, and its numerous incarnations. Immediately starting the game, Kratos is in combat in a stormy ship setting. Within minutes of gameplay, the first incarnation of the Hydra reveals itself, smashing through one of the ship’s hallways. It is only capable of biting attacks though not much else. Read the rest of this entry »