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Odin Sphere [PS2] – Leventhan / Player

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere”
Developer: Vanillaware
Platform: PS2

The following is particularly spoiler heavy.

Leventhan is the fifth of the five final bosses of the game. Though only a specific character must fight him to get the good ending, any of them can be selected. Whilst climbing up his staggeringly long body, his head will sometimes approach the player and either shoot a mouth-beam, or engulf the character for heavy continual damage implying that they are being chewed, before letting the character drop out the side of his mouth. Similarly to Belial, even if the character’s HP drops to 0 as a result of the attack, they will still be spit out. Read the rest of this entry »


Odin Sphere [PS2] – Belial / Player

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Media: video game: “Odin Sphere”
Developer: Vanillaware
Platform: PS2


The boss, Belial is a dragon with a very snake-like appearance and is fought a number of times throughout this game, once by each of the different characters. His signature attack is to inhale the character and swallow them for considerable digestion damage before regurgitating them. If he fails to swallow the character, he will simply regurgitate debris. Belial will spit out the character even if they lose all their HP as a result of the attack. Read the rest of this entry »

Dragonheart [1996] – Draco / Bowen

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Media: film: “Dragonheart”
Director: Rob Cohen
Release: 1996


Approximately 31 minutes into the film, we see Bowen and Draco duel. Draco manages to knock Bowen off balance and scoops him into his mouth, who impales his blade into the roof of the dragon’s throat. They remain in such a position for a number of hours before they begin to negotiate. Draco proposes a truce and angrily knocks Bowen out of his mouth after his initial refusal. Read the rest of this entry »

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2010 August 9 at 00:00