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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom [PS4, Switch, XBONE] – Dark Realm Guardian / Jin (All)

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Media: video game: “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom”
Developer: Game Atelier
Platform: PS4, Switch, XBONE


In the final area of the game, the Dark Realm, there is a huge skeletal fish enemy known as the Dark Realm Guardian in the backdrop that cannot be attacked. If not shielded by the crystal walls, it will begin to inhale Jin’s soul for ongoing damage, but will not actually inhale Jin himself. Any of Jin’s forms can be exposed to this, whether Human, Pig, Snake, Frog, Lion or Dragon.

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Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×20 ‘Bones of Contention’ – Tyrannosaurus Skeleton

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Media: animated series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×20: “Bones of Contention”


Four dinosaur skeletons have come to life following construction over their graves and the Extreme Dinosaurs fight them in an attempt to control their destructive rampage. The Tyrannosaurus skeleton at one point attempts to swallow T-Bone, and indeed, grabs him with its jaws and gulps him down, but since it has no organs, T-Bone simply ends up in the skeleton’s ribcage for a short few seconds before he escapes. Read the rest of this entry »