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Shark Dash [Android, iOS] – Sharkee / Rubber Ducks

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Media: video game: “Shark Dash”
Developer: Gameloft
Platform: Android, iOS


In this mobile game, the player controls Sharkee the shark bath toy (or other sharks, should they be unlocked) in order to eat the rubber ducks, who have taken his girlfriend captive. He is controlled in a slingshot-type mechanic to fling him towards the ducks or into and around obstacles. Should the ducks land in the water, they have a tendency to swim back and forward, including into the sharks’ waiting mouths. Once eaten, feathers fly about, and the shark will occasionally lick his lips.

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Written by Esuriit

2020 May 15 at 00:00

Merrie Melodies ‘The Night of the Living Duck’ – Smogzilla / Daffy

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Media: TV series: “Merrie Melodies”
Episode: “The Night of the Living Duck”


In this animated short, Daffy Duck is reading horror comics, and in his fervor to find the next continuation he is conked out by a Smogzilla clock. In his dreams he imagines himself a lounge-singer to a room of classical monsters. After singing his monster-related number, he realises one of the monsters in the audience is none other than Smogzilla himself, and makes a few quips about him. Smogzilla, clearly vexed, retaliates by encasing Daffy’s torso in his mouth, feet kicking furiously before Daffy wakes from his dream inside a waste-basket. Read the rest of this entry »