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Air Penguin [Android, iOS] – Shark / Penguin, Turtle

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Media: video game: “Air Penguin”
Developer: Enterfly
Platform: Android, iOS


There is now an updated version of the game, Air Penguin Origins, that has updated graphics. This version of the game does not appear to be available anymore at the time of writing.


In this mobile game, the player controls a penguin, navigating melting icecaps to reunite with his family. From stage 1-13, there are sharks that wait with their heads above water. If the penguin jumps toward it, or rides into it with the turtle, he/they will be swallowed whole.

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Hungry Shark [iOS] – Shark / Various

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Media: video game: “Hungry Shark”
Developer: Future Games of London
Platform: iOS


As one might naturally infer, in Hungry Shark you control a shark and guide it to snack on fish, sea birds, humans, penguins and jellyfish often displaying a tongue-in-cheek message (such as ‘Aqualunch’ after one eats a scuba diver). As a result of the feeding, the shark grows in size to notable proportions though it does not need to be bigger than the prey to devour it, unlike in most games of a similar nature. Read the rest of this entry »