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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] – Jabu-Jabu / Link

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Media: video game: “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time″
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: N64


In Zora’s Domain, there exists a whale known as Jabu-Jabu that is hailed as the guardian god of the Zora people. Before you can see him, you must present King Zora with the Botted Note found in Lake Hylia, and as the contents of the letter suggests, you will need to enter the body of Jabu-Jabu to rescue someone. When the Bottled Note is shown to King Zora and access to Zora’s Fountain is granted, you will see Jabu-Jabu floating in the water and do mostly nothing.

“According to the ‘Legend of Zora’, the act of offering a fish to Lord Jabu-Jabu will make you happy.”
– One of the Zora in Zora’s Domain

When a fish, either caught or bought, is placed in front of Jabu-Jabu’s nose, he will promptly open his mouth wide, inhaling both it and Link inside. This will happen only the first time you enter. There begins the third dungeon of the game, Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. The insides are roughly what one would expect to see with biological walls, peristaltic activity, and strangely, doors, holes and monsters.

At any time, you are free to leave the dungeon by approaching Jabu-Jabu’s mouth and out past his teeth. To re-enter, simply walking towards Jabu-Jabu will cause him to open his mouth where you can walk leisurely in. Read the rest of this entry »


Spyro the Dragon 2 [PS1, PS3] – Idol / Fish

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Media: video game: “Spyro 2”
Developer: Insomniac Games
Platform:  PS1, PS3


In Idol Springs, the third listed stage of the game, swimming through an underwater passage at the beginning of the level will lead you to Foreman Bud, who requests your help in three activities. In the second activity, you are tasked with feeding a giant idol a total of 10 fish. Blue and yellow fish add one to the counter, whereas feeding it a red fish will cause it to regurgitate a number of fish it had already eaten. (Chalked up to a sensitive stomach, supposedly.) Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 May 23 at 00:00

Johnny Bravo; 1x1B ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’ – Orca / Johnny

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Media: TV series: “Johnny Bravo”
Episode: 1x1B: ‘Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women’

In the beginning of the episode, after hitting on a woman during a whale-watching cruise, Johnny falls victim to pepper spray and falls off the ship which quickly sails away. Johnny stares blankly at some fish leaping out of the water around him when a very large orca leaps out the water, swallowing him and the fish. The whole scene takes less than a second before the orca dives back into the water. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2011 March 21 at 00:00