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Suikoden II [PS1] – Sauroid / Various

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Media: video game: “Suikoden II″
Developer: Konami
Platform: PS1


Outside the Greenhill area, you can encounter enemies known as Sauroid(s), which appear to be green amphibians somewhere between a tadpole and a frog. They are capable of targeting the characters in your front row with either a tongue strike, or by using their long tongues to ensnare characters, swallowing them and jumping up and down to cause damage and then spitting them back out. These enemies seem to be available any time after the events of Two River up until the liberation of Greenhill (very late in the game) when different enemies replace them.

A more powerful version known as Fisheye(s) can be encountered in the area outside of Muse and seem to become available to fight after liberation of Rockaxe (also very late in the game). Apart from their colouring and strength, they are otherwise identical to the Sauroids.

Because either Sauroids or Fisheyes seem to be available throughout the entire game, just about all recruitable characters can fall prey to to them, and may include humans, an elf, kobolds (portrayed as dog-people), squirrels, a wolf, a unicorn, a gryphon, wingers (bird or bat-people), a robot, a vampire, a werewolf and octopuses. Read the rest of this entry »


Seiken Densetsu 3 [SNES] – Pakkun Lizard / Player

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Media: video game: “Seiken Densetsu 3”
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: SNES

The following is particularly spoiler heavy.


After  シェイド (Shade), the elemental spirit joins your party, you will wind up on 火山島ブッカ (Volcanic Island Bukka). Caves in this area are home to the ぱっくんオタマ (Pakkun Tadpole), the pink tadpoles that once damaged enough, can mature into the blue ぱっくんトカゲ (Pakkun Lizard) known as ‘Biting Lizard’ in the English version of Secret of Mana. ‘Pakkun’ perhaps from ぱくぱく (Pakupaku) roughly means ‘eating, gobbling, flapping the mouth open and closed’, et cetera. Unlike the previous game, these are considered normal enemies rather than boss enemies. They are much more nimble and unfortunately their favorite attack is no longer to devour your party, but rather they have taken to using a tail attack to cause damage. They still retain their tongue flicking ability which is now named ぱっくんベロンッ, which I guess means Pakkun Tongue or Pakkun Lick, however they rarely use it. In the fan-translated version, this attack is known simply as “Gulp, gulp”.

If the lizards decide to eat you, you may notice that the chosen character often ‘outruns’ the tongue and proceeds towards the Pakkun’s body even before the tongue is retracted. Once inside the now bloated belly, the lizards will wag their tails blissfully with an equally satisfied expression on their face before they are forced to spit out their meal.

Much later in the game, once air travel becomes available, a place called ひかりのこだいいせき (Ancient Ruins of Light) is home to a blue variant of the Pakkun Tadpoles, known as ぱっくりオタマ (Pakkuri Tadpole) who mature into a green variant of the Pakkun Lizards, called ぱっくんドラゴン (Pakkun Dragon), who appear otherwise identical, but use their tongue attack even less it seems. Pakkuri or ぱっくり seems to mean ‘open, gaping, like a mouth’.

Playable characters include Duran, Angela, Hawkeye, Riesz – who are all humans – as well as Kevin, who transforms into a wolfman at night, and Charlotte the elf. Read the rest of this entry »